"What if there was a technology that had the potential to create and save lives?"

The Technology

Our systems are based on three fundamental technological elements.

The sensor patch

Our temperature measurement systems are based on a temperature-sensitive sensor embedded in an adhesive patch. The high-tech patch is applied under the arm where it continuously measures and records body temperature levels, at predetermined time intervals. When required, the data can be transferred to an NFC-enabled smartphone, evaluated in our specially developed apps and displayed on the screen. Each user has their own patch reducing the risk of infection. The STEADYTEMP patch is easy to use, flexible, skin-friendly and medically tested.

The smartphone shows >Ready to Scan<


NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology which enables contactless data transmission between two endpoints. NFC transfers data in seconds meaning no exposure to radio waves and is best known for its everyday use in tap-and-pay contactless payment and electronic passports The patch can communicate with handheld devices or smartphones which are NFC compatible, the recorded temperature data can be accessed and processed for further evaluation. Our specially developed app analyses the data and displays the information on the screen. Due to the short reading distances it is not possible for third parties to access your data without your permission.

A smartphone with the STEADYTEMP open showing a temperature curve besides a monitor showing a temperature curve and additional information

The Software

As a bio-medical engineering company we combine the field of electronics with the digital world. From the initial idea through to the product launch, from device drivers to visualization, from electronics to the cloud – every step is done in-house. Our development team designs and works cross platform, covers iOS and Android, and ensures that our products conform to medical standards. Our products are certified according to ISO13485 and comply with the MDR (Medical Device Regulation).

A smartphone with the STEADYTEMP open showing a temperature curve besides a monitor showing a temperature curve and additional information

The Company

As a biomedical engineering company we apply the design and problem solving skills of engineering to the field of medical science.

Who we are

We are a highly motivated, skilled team who research, develop, produce and market innovative new temperature measurement systems.

What we are working on

One technology, many markets: our sensor technology is used in the femTech sector for ovulation detection and in the medtech sector for early detection of infections and much more. Our technology has the potential to help create and save lives.

Our mission

Our mission is to become a leader in area of medical diagnostics. Utilizing the enormous potential of sensor technology and continuous temperature measurement in the areas of medicine, healthcare and industry.

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