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We are revolutionizing body temperature measurement:


Based on the well-known temperature method trusted by generations of women to plan or prevent a pregnancy, the femSense ovulation tracker is the fastest way to find out when you are most fertile. The sensor patch measures your body temperature 24/7 during your fertile window and notifies you via the femSense app when you are fertile and when you have ovulated. Approval for contraceptive product expected soon.


STEADYTEMP® is professional health care for at home. The STEADYTEMP® smart wearable thermometer is made up of two parts: the sensor patch and the supporting app used to read the patch and graphically display the recorded temperature curve. The app is also your own personal health journal where you can record the progression of an infection including symptoms, medication, and other relevant patient details.

STEADYTEMP Professional

STEADYTEMP® is available for use in the care sector and in hospitals in systems including the cobas® pulse system from Roche Diagnostics. In addition to the benefits, it offers in post-surgery or post chemotherapy follow-up care, the STEADYTEMP® sensor patch enables medical professionals to accurately detect temperature changes and the indication of infection within seconds.