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We are revolutionizing body temperature measurement:


Based on the well-known temperature method trusted by generations of women to plan or prevent a pregnancy, the femSense ovulation tracker is the fastest way to find out when you are most fertile. Our smart sensor patch measures your body temperature 24/7 during your fertile window and notifies you via the femSense app when you are fertile and when you have ovulated. femSense is currently in the final stages of approval as a hormone-free contraceptive product.


The STEADYTEMP® smart wearable thermometer is made up of two parts: the sensor patch and the supporting app used to read the patch and graphically display the recorded temperature curve. While conventional thermometers only show one value and thus only a snapshot, STEADYTEMP® provides curves and trends - even during sleep. Together with the app, STEADYTEMP® is a digital health diary for tracking medications, symptoms, and much more.

STEADYTEMP Professional

STEADYTEMP® Professional is available for use in the care sector and in hospitals with ilvi CLINIC and via the cobas® pulse system from Roche Diagnostics, among others. In the event of an infection, the body’s immune system reacts very early with a rise in body temperature. STEADYTEMP® records this, even during sleep, making it the perfect tool for the early detection of infections, and can thus also be used in the aftercare of surgeries or chemotherapy.